Nintendo Switch Australian Launch + Price Speculation!

March 2017 is quickly approaching and us Nintendo fans like everyone else haven’t had any more details on Nintendo’s next main console the Switch!

This, however, does not stop us from speculating based on past console releases about it’s launch day and some of the details that may or may not hold true.


The first detail is the launch date, now, we know that it will launch in March next year but when? Let’s have a look at the calendar and consult our crystal ball.

The past has taught us that Nintendo releases consoles and games on Friday’s and Saturday’s in Australia, so, we are most likely looking at a March 17-18 launch day going off of my assumptions.


That begs the question, how much will it be at launch?

Truth be told this is just a shot in the dark based on previous consoles, however, I believe Nintendo Switch will launch at RRP (Recommended retail price) of $449AUD.

This may seem high to anyone outside of Australia reading this, however the Wii U, Nintendo’s current console launched at $428 and hasn’t budged ever. (See HERE).

So I expect the Switch with it’s portability to cost a little extra considering this will replace both Wii U and 3DS down the line (Despite what Nintendo currently say).

So there you have it, in summary I believe that Nintendo Switch will launch the weekend of March 17-18 at RRP $449AUD.

What do you think it will launch at and what games do you think it will launch with?


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